London-born artist Lucy Maude was raised in the UK, but spent her adolescence and formative years in Austin, Texas. Her earliest works as a teenager arose from a personal reaction to her new home, and sense of place has since been a unifying factor in all of her succeeding work. Highways and country roads around Texas provided an exploration into the visual and physical representation of advertising, scale, and purported American desire within the modern Western landscape. Since 2016 she has been working on cattle ranches across the West as a hired cowboy and apprentice rancher. As a non-binary lesbian working among the strict historical gender roles of the working West, she is particularly interested in the figure of the cowboy as a vehicle to examine performative gender and masculinity under American empire. Her work has grown to incorporate video, sculpture, and performance, analyzing the modern and historical dichotomies active in real and imagined depictions of the West.

b. 1994




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