Jack Lope is America's number-one cowboy, undisputed top hand, and the best performer Buffalo Bill wishes he could've had. He is proud to be a free, independent American man and is grateful that he gets to live the true cowboy life every day.

After three years working on cattle ranches around the American West, Jack Lope formed as a tangible reaction to the steep gender bias prevalent within the cowboy community. Where male cowboys of any age are welcomed and encouraged to pursue the work, female cowboys are more often ostracized, doubted, or forced into subservient roles of housewife, cook, mother, and sex symbol. Queer people face even more difficult gender discrimination, as making a living in the ranching world blatantly favors cishet families and relationships. 

Jack Lope performs regularly with the Austin drag troupe Boiz of Austin, and also travels around the Southwest to show off his abilities. His films offer insights into the secret world and language of cowboys, revealing their codes of dress, work methods, and social norms. 

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